Trainee Roxan investigates expansion opportunities for our German office

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Roxan Kuiper is a 4th year International Business and Management student at the Rotterdam Business School. She is doing her Thesis Internship since February 2018 at IXOLUTION.

The thesis is based upon the German subsidiary of Ixolution. The research is about optimization of Ixolution GmbH focussed on the German market and trends, human resources and marketing strategy. Furthermore, the research is based on more company awareness, expansion possibilities, human resources facilities, social media canals and expansion strategies to gain more German clients. She is using different theoretic models which she has learned at her four years of study to have reliable sources to the research. June 2018, the Thesis will be finalized and Ixolution will receive the results and an advisory report.

We have asked Roxan, why Ixolution?: ‘’ Ixolution is a company totally out of my “comfort zone”. My interests always lied in the logistic field, however the awareness of specific logistic software developed for logistic companies to advance their operations was never there. That is exactly the reason why this company is so interesting; a totally new environment. The possibility is there at Ixolution to expertise my international side and have an insight into the real business world. Hereby, the workfloor is really sociable and flexible!”

We wish Roxan lots of fun and success by writing her thesis.

Are you, just like us, curious for the end results or do you like to know more? Contact Roxan.