Trainee Bart combines data analyses, programming and logistics

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Bart Boersma is a 4th year HBO student from the Logistics & Economics study at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. He is doing his Thesis Internship since February 2018 at IXOLUTION.

How can the variation during the use of the IXSuite software be reduced, with which the turnaround time will not increase in order to support the logistic processes as optimal as possible with the customers?
Bart’s research focuses on mapping the user process, identifying the variation during this process, identifying the causes of this variation and providing recommendations to reduce this variation. He is using different theoretic models which he has learned at his study.
June 2018, Bart’s Thesis will be finalized and Ixolution will receive the results and an advisory report.

We asked Bart, why Ixolution: “As a logistics software supplier, IXOLUTION offers me the opportunity to combine my interests in logistics and software development. Besides my education, I like to program in Java, PHP and JavaScript. Within this organization I have the opportunities to grow in both areas. ”

We wish Bart a lot of fun and good luck during his graduation internship.

Are you, just like us, curious for the end results or do you like to know more? Contact Bart.