Review Day 2 Transport Logistic Exhibition

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After a first busy day we looked forward to the second day. The day started at least positive, it was dry in Munich. Something we have not seen in the past few days. In addition, Patrick van Aert and Kornee Sterrenburg joined the team today.

Today, we have, again made meaningful contacts in Croatia, Italy, the Czech Republic, Germany, Finland and the Netherlands. It just amazes you where the visitors come from, but that makes it so fun, you do not know who you’re going to come across.

Just like yesterday, there were new (old) customers along, and it is nice to hear that they are happy to work with our application and, in comparison to other systems, it works very well.

One of our customers, Shuttlewise, is also represented on the stock exchange. Shuttlewise shows very clearly what their activities are. The picture also tells us about our activities.

On Thursday, May 11th, we will give a presentation about our new product IXBizzi at 13:30 and at 15:00. Continue to stand B2.112. You are invited.