Tabaknatie NV is working together with Ixolution on the digital future of the Port of Antwerp

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As an innovator, Tabaknatie NV continues to contribute to the future of the Port of Antwerp. The future is digitization. The information flows will have a central place in the transport processes. In order to continue to guarantee the best solutions, Tabaknatie has entered into a creative partnership with Ixolution.

To make transports in the port as smooth as possible, constant live data become an absolute requirement. Full digitization of the processes is inevitable. After all, transporters and customers expect to be able to continuously monitor and track the flow of goods.

It is therefore clear that digitization of the transport process becomes necessary to get a clear insight into the goods flow. Tabaknatie NV, as an innovative transport architect in the port of Antwerp, jumps on that train of digitization.

As an important player on the global market, Tabaknatie provides solutions for the most diverse transport requests. Efficiency is the message here. This is made possible at Tabaknatie by the combination of a strong domestic transport offer and an extensive European road network. In addition, the entire process is supported by an innovatively developed Transport Management System (TMS), IXSuite from Ixolution.

In order to support the digital future of the Port of Antwerp in the most active way, Tabaknatie has started a number of projects. One of these projects is the development and application of a renewed, more efficient TMS system. In order to guarantee the best possible results, Tabaknatie has decided to enter into a partnership with the European market leader in the development of transport software, Ixolution.

The choice for Ixolution is self-evident. Ixolution offers intelligent IT solutions for transporters and logistics service providers.
The goal of Ixolution is to make the transport process as efficient as possible, based on consistent transport management and intermodal solutions.

There is no doubt that the fruitful partnership between these two innovators will produce constructive and effective solutions.

The future of Antwerp is not tomorrow. The future of Antwerp is now. It is more than ever the task of Tabaknatie NV to be a pioneer in the digitization of processes. In this way, Tabaknatie assists the further expansion and development of the Port of Antwerp.