Recognized training company

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Recognized training company

Since April 24, 2018 Ixolution is a recognized training company for the Dutch MBO. Because learning in practice (the so-called professional practice or internship) is an indispensable part of the MBO student’s education. We are happy to participate on this. In addition, we have been offering internships for HBO students for a number of years now and we will continue to do so.

Internship places MBO

We offer the student(s) a place that fits with the education, so he/she will get the experience they need to get their diploma. They also very well will know what to expect when they will start with their first job. At Ixolution we have different opportunities to do an internship every year. For the time being, we have a recognition for the following MBO programs:

– Business administrator (level 4)

– Financial administrative employee (level 3 and higher)

– HRM employee (level 4)

We also hope to receive the recognition for the course Application developer (level 4) later this year.

Interested? Soon you will find our internships on or you can ask about our possibilities through