Marcus van Arenthals introduces himself

Marcus van Arenthals works in comparison with other colleagues not long for IXOLUTION, since October 2016 to be exact. He is very excited about his work and is expected to stay long.

Marcus is the father of 2 boys with ages 8 and 13 years old. As you expect, he spends a lot of time with them. His leisure is exactly the opposite of his career, nothing is planned and everything is spontaneous. In addition, he likes gardening and cooking.

Small but nice fact about Marcus. He is of noble origin and his family tree dates back to 1060. Something he himself has investigated.

  1. What is your function and what are you responsible for?

“Within IXOLUTION, I’m Senior Business Consultant and in addition to general consultancy, primarily responsible for IXBizzi.”

  1. How did you get to IXOLUTION?

“In October 2016, I worked for IXOLUTION after working for Speksnijder for 21 years. At Speksnijder I have completed various functions of which the last 7 years as ICT manager. ”

“Since 2010, Speksnijder, with full satisfaction, uses the TMS of IXOLUTION. I realized that IXOLUTION does not position itself as a supplier, but as a partner. Through this close collaboration we have been able to bundle each other’s forces and further develop their TMS. ”

“In 2014 Speksnijder was taken over by Stef, a major LDV from France. Shortly thereafter I decided to go my own way. Due to the good relationship, I have maintained with IXOLUTION in the years before, I came to them right away and so I started working in October 2016. ”

  1. What do you mean to our customers?

“From my extensive practical experience, I only need a few words to understand my conversation partner. This also applies the other way around. Because I usually speak the same language as my conversation partner, they also understand me quickly. As a result, conversations are often fun and make it easy for me to think with them in search for a solution to their question. Due to my profound technical and product knowledge of IXBizzi, I can provide my clients with an appropriate solution to their issue. ”

  1. What is the biggest challenge in your job?

“By helping my customers find a solution for their issue. Each customer is different and has another issue, and then needs a different solution. This is the biggest challenge. ”

  1. What makes work with IXOLUTION so fun?

“It’s a small, fun club of ordinary, hardworking people. Because it is a flat organization and the lines are short, the contact is good with everyone within the organization. ”

  1. IXBizzi, for which you are responsible, tell me something is about!

“IXBizzi stands for IXOLUTION Business Intelligence and has a standard dashboard that provides insight into financial and operational KPIs such as revenue, cost, timeliness, empty and full mileage, customers, routes, and vendors. The dashboard is available on desktop / laptop, tablet or smartphone, so it’s very suitable for the mobile workforce. “