Container transportation to and from the port is more than just a drive from A to B. You must utilize depots, connecting and disconnecting trailers, drop offs and pick-ups.

Complex planning may involve many short transactions. You must attain optimum kilometer profit, reduce waiting times and the collecting of the ETA’s of ocean carriers. Your clients are often shipping companies themselves, who are relying on you for the execution of their intermodal door-to-door bookings, however, some shipping companies sometimes use this application themselves.

The planning process is built around the ‘container’ entity and also allows third party transporters to book their own available capacity which can be calculated into the planning when needed. Trucks are planned to containers, not vice versa.

IXTransportOperator is used in combination with the IXTerminalOperator module for optimal performance in truck, rail, inland waterway and gate/terminal planning as one operation.

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