Our mission is to support the optimized execution of (intermodal) logistics processes in order to improve insight, efficiency, and service levels in the life of our customers. In other words, we offer you the solutions for the intelligent execution of your transport and intermodal processes. Intelligent execution is the concept that lies at the base of all our solutions.

Our products can be integrated easily in your existing infrastructure and support all your company processes, such as sales, offers, orders, graphical planning, implementation, cost calculation and invoicing.

The underlying technologies Oracle and Java are supported worldwide and are easily scalable.



Intelligent execution: get more insight, flexibility and efficiency in your transportation.

Core values

Flexibility, Efficiency, Support


  • Top ranking European TMS & Intermodal IT;
  • Customer satisfaction and participation;
  • Increase efficiency, productivity, flexibility;
  • Create innovative solutions;
  • Organic growth.


IXOLUTION offers IT solutions for international and intermodal transport and logistics.

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wie zijn wij

Who we are

IXOLUTION has developed a profile as supplier of logistical automated transport solutions.

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