IXOLUTION Customer Meeting 2016

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The customer meeting of IXOLUTION on April 13th was well attended and left a good feeling with everyone. With a representation of all customers the day was already a success before it started.

“Connect and inform”

With the theme “Connect and inform” the day was meant for exchanging information in an informal way.

Ixolution has explained the 300 functional additions to the application in 2015, presented the plans for functional extensions in the future and the coming release, as well as IXMobile. Also the position of the helpdesk, measured by the results of a customer survey, are explained, as well as the improvements and changes for improvement.

Besides IXOLUTION, also a customer (Move Intermodal, Tomas Tempelaars), a supplier (PTV Nederland, Vincent Beaufort) and a branch organization (Transfollow, Patrick Huijgen) could present themselves.

Although the visitors got a lot of information, there were many opportunities for the visitors to meet each other. The result was a nice day in a pleasant atmosphere.