IXBizzi stands for IXOLUTION Business Intelligence and has a standard dashboard that provides insight into financial and operational KPI’s such as revenue, cost, timeliness, empty and full mileage, customers, routes, and suppliers.

The dashboard is available on desktop / laptop, tablet and smartphone, and is therefore highly suitable for the mobile workforce. This way you can always find the latest insights. The default dashboard can be directly connected to IXSuite, but data from other sources and systems can also be accessed.

With IXBizzi, you can get data from multiple databases and you will be able to enter Excelsheets so that your data is presented quickly and clearly. IXBizzi can used in combination with IXSuite, but also with other systems.

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Would you like to view an online demonstration of IXBizzi or one of IXSuite’s other solutions? If so, please send a mail to info@ixolution.com with your name, company name, telephone number, email adress and the solution you are interested in. Then a member of our team will contact you to arrange an online demonstration.

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