ETC Holland signs contract with IXOLUTION

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On the ICT & Logistics Fair in Utrecht, ETC Holland and IXOLUTION have signed the contract for the implementation of the operational system IXSuite. The software IXOLUTION offers ETC Holland the perspective to coordinate the daily transports within Europe even better. The new operation system makes it possible for ETC Holland to plan their own equipment and their dedicated group of subcontractors as optimal as possible which creates a solution for every transport issue of the customer.

Eric Smits, director ETC Holland:
“ETC Holland B.V. has chosen for IXOLUTION because we believe that the package fits perfectly in our daily business. The number of functionalities in terms of orders, planning and administration supports us in addressing the many challenges in the dynamic market of bulk transport. Also the ability to work with e-logistics platforms fits well within our desired developments in the short term.

ETC Holland B.V. aspires for a long, strong collaboration with IXOLUTION because the package allows us to work on a highly professional, transparent way with the customer.”

Ton Stuit, director IXOLUTION:
“ETC Holland is an asset and ideal expansion of our customer base. Together with ETC Holland we can prove even more that our standard application IXSuite is an excellent solution for companies within the (intermodal) Transport and Logistics sector. With the additional knowledge of ETC Holland and existing Liquid & Bulk carriers we can further complete our product.”