Let us introduce, Dennis Rijsdijk

From Tuesday, September 5, 2017, Dennis Rijsdijk will complete his graduation assignment for a period of 20 weeks under the guidance of Marcus van Arenthals.

Dennis is 23 years, 4th year student at Logistics & Economics at the Rotterdam University and will be present 4 days a week. From Tuesday till Friday.

What are you going to do during your internship?

“IXOLUTION supplies the product IXBizzi. This product provides a lot of information at the management level. The question is to pull this line to the operational department. For the completion of this operational dashboard, research will be conducted with IXOLUTION’s customers. For the customers the set-up is to be investigated of an operational dasboard. This will be done on the basis of a current situation analysis, including the elaboration of the current role and applicability of the KPI dashboard, including the bottlenecks and wishes of the customers, in order to complete the operational dashboard. “Thus Dennis Rijsdijk.

What do you expect from the internship?

Dennis Rijsdijk continues, “This is my graduation program. In this, I want to put in a lot of my logistic knowledge, ultimately to deliver a nice result for IXOLUTION so they can grow in terms of their services, and I can put a nice result. This way, I can proudly look back on my given advice for setting up the operational dashboard. ”

How did you get to IXOLUTION?

“I joined IXOLUTION by a former trainee Cas Pluymakers. Cas indicated that IXOLUTION was looking for a trainee. After looking at the website and Cas’s positive experience, during his internship, I was convinced that I would like to contribute to my logistics knowledge in IXOLUTION. ”

Are you looking forward to it?

“Yes, I am! This is the last step to my diploma. This will be the final test for me to prove that after 4 years of study I have enough knowledge to gain my first work experience independently in the logistics field. In the next six months, I expect to be a half year with many new insights, contacts and knowledge. “Thus, Dennis Rijsdijk.

Quite curious

Here at IXOLUTION we are very curious about Dennis and his assignment. On behalf of IXOLUTION we already wish Dennis a fun, educational and enjoyable time.

Welcome Dennis!