ETC Holland chooses IXBizzI of IXOLUTION

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After ETC Holland had chosen for the transport management system IXSuite of IXOLUTION in 2015, ETC Holland has now chosen IXBizzi for its operational dashboard. With IXBizzi, ETC Holland can constantly check its revenues, costs and thereby monitor profitability and margins.

IXBizzi stands for IXOLUTION Business Intelligence and has a standard dashboard which provides an insight into financial and operational KPI’s such as revenue, cost, timeliness, empty and full mileage, customers, suppliers and routes. The dashboard can be used on desktop/laptop, tablet or smartphone. This way you always have the latest insights, ideal for the mobile workforce. The default dashboard can be connected directly to IXSuite, but data from other sources can be accessed.

Besides the standard dashboard IXBizzi lends itself extremely well to quickly develop additional dashboards so that all aspects of the business can be made transparent.

IXBizzi offers more efficiency
“After IXBizzi had been taken into use, we soon saw that transportation could be planned more efficiently. Based on the figures presented by IXBizzi, we improved the service to our customers and therefore raised our value to a higher level.”, said Erik Smits, Director of ETC Holland.

Erik Smits continues: “IXBizzi is an incredibly smart system. Based on the daily reports given by IXBizzi, we can see if there are deviations with our expectations. If so, we can act directly. IXBizzi saves us, through his efficient operation, time and money. The reconciliation between our needs and changes in the dashboard have been implemented in a very short time by the consultants of IXOLUTION who fully understand our business. ”

In IXOLUTION you have a reliable partner
“Since 2015, we work with IXSuite of IXOLUTION and it has made our work a lot more enjoyable. The system is very accurate and efficient. It saved us much time and money, now IXBizzi has been implemented it goes that one step further. IXOLUTION is not only a supplier, but also a reliable partner for the long term that is flexible and transparent. They value your input and listen to you if you have a problem or when an idea comes forward.”, Erik Smits said.

ETC Holland
ETC Holland is a fast-growing, compact and dynamic organization with extensive experience in bulk transport and meets the need for transmission capacity for dry bulk throughout Europe. ETC Holland offers at any time a solution for a transport problem in any form. “ETC Holland is as a customer and partner an asset to IXOLUTION. Together with ETC Holland we will show that IXBizzi is the solution for companies in the Transport and Logistics industry. Through clients such as ETC Holland we will continue developing and perfecting IXBizzi.”, said Ton Stuit, Director of IXOLUTION.

Interested ?
Are you interested in IXBizzI of IXOLUTION after this success with ETC Holland and want to know more? Ask for a demonstration at IXOLUTION: or contact Ton Stuit and call him on +31 (0)6 – 46 63 83 31.