Dailycool went live with IxSuite

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Last friday our new customer Dailycool went live with our IxSuite solution. Dailycool is specialized in (inter)national logistics services for (daily fresh) goods and is stated in Warmenhuizen.

Dailycool uses the ND module of IxSuite in combination with the Mobicoach boardcomputer interface which was recently developed by Ixolution. The project took 4 months.

Dailycool is a autonomous operating logistics service provider with a strong specialization in conditioned transport. Dailycool is 100% part of the Schot Group. The services offered by Dailycool are (inter)national transport, orderpicking, VAL, 3-PL and (temporary) storage of cooled- and/or frozen goods. Dailycool provides these activities in a very quick market whereby time, quality and flexibility are very high valued. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Dailycool has around 160 employees.