IXOLUTION is a leading European player in the field of transport automation. Every day, our team of IT specialists and transport and logistics experts work to realize transport efficiency for our customers, based on smart and solid transport management and intermodal solutions.

We support our customers in optimizing (intermodal) logistics processes by giving them more insight, flexibility, efficiency and service levels.

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IXSuite offers you the opportunity to manage and streamline the contacts with (potential) future and existing customers.

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IXBizzi stands for IXOLUTION Business Intelligence and has a standard dashboard that provides insight into financial and operational KPI’s.

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You are setting yourself based on which you want to monitor whether the processes take place and whether action is required in your TMS.

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IXWeb offers you a uniform platform that lets you share process-related information with your customers through your own website.

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    Highly valued customer, partner,

    As you know, Europe and the rest of the world are severely affected by the Corona virus and the measures taken by national and local authorities to combat its spread.
    Like you, we continuously follow the news and apply the rules and suggestions in a sensible and pragmatic manner.

    We do our best to continue to provide you with the best possible support and do everything to ensure that you can continue to rely on the IXOLUTION solutions you have.
    In addition, we take the necessary measures to our employees to best protect the continuity of our organization.

    This means that we are currently encouraging our employees to work from home wherever possible and to work alternative working hours so that we can keep up our service levels.

    We make every effort to continue normal business operations in the best possible way.

    Because our IT structure and systems (internal and external), as well as our solutions make it possible for us to to carry out almost all our work independently from location / office, we want to assure you through this message:

    At the moment IXOLUTION is not impeded and we are simply 'open for business'.
    Feel free to contact us if we can support you in your daily operation.

    Of course we cannot guarantee that you will not experience any deviation in our services in the coming period; such as a meeting which has changed from an on-site meeting to an on-line meeting.
    But our aim is to keep this to a minimum.

    If you have any questions and / or comments or would like to take advantage of the support offered during this difficult time, please do not hesitate to contact us and we are happy to help where we can.

    We hope to have informed you sufficiently and of course wish you a lot of strength,

    With best regards,


    Ton Stuit                                              Kornee Sterrenburg